Company Profile

company-160x160Hipgnosis Vision is a global software development and information technology company providing software and hardware solutions to partners worldwide. It was established originally on August 2002 in Craiova, Romania as a small software company by a team of skilled IT specialists. Hipgnosis Vision provides quality programming services and products for a competitive cost and operates on European and US market.

A special division for outsourcing services is working inside our company. Programmers and management team of outsourcing squads are highly skilled and trained.

Also a separate division works to develop in house products for Internet users and Entertainment industry.

For outsourcing, Hipgnosis Vision, Inc. has the in-house abilities necessary for covering the entire range of activities:

  • delivering complete specifications for projects and IT consultancy, based on the client requirements
  • project management
  • complete software products commissioning
  • migration or redesign of existing applications
  • user and technical documentation
  • training and consultancy
  • technical assistance, maintenance and service for software products