What is iDO Coin?

  • It is a Virtual Coin
    iDo is a coin granting Users a virtual reference to estimate the value of the favours exchanged on iDo Coin platform and thereby to facilitate the exchange of favours between Users. You are the sole one to grant a value of an iDo, as well as to decide the number of iDo coins you are asking or offering for satisfying a Request.
  • It is a Marketing Platform
    Companies and Organisations are having various opportunities to develop their business, products or services, as well as to inform others about them, by performing promotional, advertising, marketing and/or other similar activities on iDo Coin platform and its app’s and to target their market or recipients and reach them by using our free of charge visibility within iDo Coin community.
  • It is a Facebook Application
    Everyone may join the iDo Coin community with a Facebook account. Register with Facebook and start sharing your Requests with your friends, receive rewards in iDo coins for completing your friends’ Requests and improve your real social life. You can play with your friends or cooperate with others.

Please visit iDO Coin website for more details! Register now and use it for free! Companies and organisation can also use all iDO Coin tools for 6 months free.