Modus Operandi

processes-160x160Hipgnosis Vision and its clients works out from the starting point of the project to its completion and thereafter maintaining a permanent contact and providing a proper support to meet or exceed client’s expectations. Our approach is to cooperate closely with our clients, in order to find the most adequate solutions that would fulfill the client requirements. Our position is to offer based on experience and competence of our staff, the best solutions that would bring value to the clients’ business and ensure a fast return on their investment


  • Versions & Phase releases
  • Periodically Status Reports
  • Knowledge Base System
  • Version control system
  • Enhanced Bug Management

System software projects are fundamentally complex, critical and require accurate processing. Planning software includes design, development, estimates, phase development, requirements acquisition, and risk and change management control procedures, business case studies, user interface versions and overall project management. Appropriate planning guarantees that the project doesn’t deviate from its proposed goals while the customer acquires an explicit description of the project and is well-informed of the project status and has already access to project distributions at any point of time. To guarantee the well-timed and quality delivery to client satisfaction we perform the following

Versions & Phase Releases

  • Projects that designate releases in terms of versions or phases expose concerns and limitations before time and are capable to plan and perform counterwork actions with better results.
  • Clients who get undersized distributions frequently for the duration of the project increase confidence easier than those who are left in the unknowing and are waiting for the completion of the project to get the whole set of releases that may be released in some unexpected form.
  • The workability is developed and released in phase subsequently certifying that the most important task is released headmost.
  • diminish the risk of errors in estimation
  • superior administration improvement and project insight to clients

Periodically Status Reports

At the end of each week, you will receive a Status Report notifying you about:

  • The preliminary operations considered for the past week
  • The concrete operations conducted in the past week
  • The operations considered for the next week
  • Adjustments to Phase Agenda, and explanation for the action
  • General Project Status

Knowledge Base System

Knowledge Base System is a powerful concept that is used by Hipgnosis Vision . This concept offers more flexibility, radically reduces the time due to solving commonly problems and is implemented to all management levels as well as in all our technical departments. In this manner a problem is solved only once being always documented and available for future references
Version control system

Hipgnosis Vision utilizes Subversion (SVN) as a version control system. SVN is a compelling replacement for CVS in the open source community. Upon request of the client we can utilize CVS as well.
Enhanced Bug Management

Hipgnosis Vision uses the most popular bug-tracking interface Bugzilla for bug management which leads to reduce downtime, increase productivity, raise customer satisfaction, and improve communication with teammates. Also:

  • allow to keep track of outstanding bugs and code changes effectively
  • provide a complete history of work performed on each bug, defect or improvement
  • streamline software development and maintenance
  • manage quality assurance (QA)