Quality Assurance

Software Quality Assurance

quality-assurance-160x160Quality at Hipgnosis Vision is a constantly increasing objective as much as managing quality an endless process. Hipgnosis Vision acknowledges that to accomplish our objective of self-improvement quality, we require to continuously increase our results to meet or exceed our clients’ expected value. Using systematization as a most important resource to gain long-term improvement Hipgnosis Vision assesses all its activities time after time and raises them constantly.

Our Software Quality Assurance (SQA) processes focus on QA needs of every phase of project lifecycle and the software products and processes match their specified requirements. SQA engages the whole software development process – supervising and enhancing the process, ensuring that every single established guideline and function is accomplished, and most of all ensuring that problems are detected and solved.

Testing engages operation of a system or application under determinate circumstances and evaluating the results. The determinate circumstances must include normal as well as abnormal circumstances. Testing should on purpose seek to make processes go wrong to establish if events take place when they not suppose to or events don’t take place when they supposed to.

Our Quality Assurance and Testing Division provides for the following:

  • Test outlining, test conditions, test script conception,
  • Programmed and manual operational testing
  • Reversion testing
  • Fair estimations of the work to be delivered, performed processes and services in opposition to the correlated standards and functions
  • Analyzing, documenting and submit misbehaving processes
  • Test results reporting to staff of Quality Assurance processes